Just be YOU!

How I Serve

A storyteller, motivator and coach, I inspire life, whether that is inspiring your own life or inspiring life into your team, leadership, business and community.  I do this through the energy of story, the discipline of coaching and the power of mindset.

Everything is a practice, whether you are pushing your body, or your mind to its limits every day, it’s a practice and you are adapting, growing, learning and each iteration of yourself gets better.  The body, mind and soul, they’re all connected. So, let me help you be the best version of yourself, tell your story, push you past your comfort zone and be prosperous. Are you ready? Let’s go!

My Passions

These are not my words but they did resonate with my path “true wealth is well-being, the well of being. That’s true prosperity”.  My passions are anchored in creative expression and creating that well of being for all.   My purpose statement is to Love it forward, be the bridge to true prosperity and well-being for all, through expression.

About Me

I was asked to use three words to describe who I am, which if you know me, you’d know that is an impossible ask.  I gave it a shot and these rolled off my tongue pretty quickly “real, raw, relentless.” If I had to choose two words they would be “inspire life” and if I was limited to just one word it would most certainly be “love”.  See, three words are just not enough. So, let me unpack these for you.

Where to Find Me

With a number of exciting plans for 2018, please feel free to reach out to discuss how we might collaborate to make this year inspiring for you.

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