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I am truly grateful and honoured to have worked with many wonderful people throughout my coaching journey. Each has a unique story to tell and I am humbled to have received such kind feedback from my clients.

You can read some of their stories here.

Start Your Engine

I can’t even begin to describe the impact Tina has made on my life not only professionally but personally. She ignited the start of what I can best describe as an awakening. Because of her guidance I am now on the path to finding my true life’s purpose.

Since working with Tina I have made tremendous strides which has helped to silence my inner critic, expand my creativity, and give me a solid foundation from which to lead with empathy, grace, and passion. She quickly identified the area with the greatest need for development which has impacted my way of being.

I am now much more grounded and centred and have an ability to lead with greater clarity and a level head. She has also taught me how to create healthy boundaries which helps earn respect. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

If you are fully open, be prepared to be transformed.

Michelle Priest, entrepreneur and Senior Manager, Business Innovation at ATB Financial

Tina = Selfless Acts of Love


When you asked me to write a few lines about my journey with you, I immediately said yes. How hard could it be to write about one of the most loving and powerful human experiences I have ever had? Well, It took some time to write and while it may seem over-the-top to some, it’s written from my soul, with gratitude and love.

I was hurting when I met Tina. I had ended a toxic relationship, was struggling at work and doing my best to be rational and present while parenting two vulnerable, beautiful teenagers, whose father I had divorced.

A friend recommended I meet Tina and I will never forget our chat in a downtown coffee shop – it was the start of my healing. I remember pessimistically wondering how a stranger could make me feel so loved and understand with such clarity how I was feeling. But each time we met she knew just what to ask/say and never wavered in her support. Tina helped me to regain my strength, by giving me some of hers.

Around a year later Tina saved my life. I was fractured and in a very dark place when I turned to the only person I knew I could. Without hesitation and from a place of love she rescued me from a grief unlike any I have ever known.

Tina continues to unselfishly gift me through her timely text messages, raw wisdom and seemingly endless love as I continue down this path of healing.

I am grateful to Tina everyday for sharing herself with me and helping me to regain my personal strength.


What can I say about Tina?

She is amazing…I worked with Tina for approximately 6 sessions. She brought such a positive energy to every meeting that it lifted my spirits. We worked through life and career options to consider based on my needs. Tina’s focus on our session made me feel empowered to make the right choices for me. Tina’s passion is helping others and it shows.

She shared her own life experiences and brought her skills and knowledge without judging or passing on her own views. Again she helped to enable me to live a better life with purpose and meaning. Thanks Tina!!!

Amanda Summers

A Partner in Executive Transformation

When looking for an Executive Coach, I was looking for a highly skilled person who could help me enhance my leadership skills thereby directly enriching my personal performance and effectiveness as a Senior leader. Additionally, this Coach would be someone I could relate to immediately. Tina met all of the criteria, and from our first coffee meeting I felt the connection with her.

During our sessions, she provided a “safe zone” from judgement allowing for the frank discussion and exploration of the issues, real or perceived from either a personal or professional perspective, that were blocking my goal attainment. Tina, introduced me to the SCARF model for improving collaboration and influencing others as the platform on which to build my skills.

Her tailored approach to Coaching was extremely effective in helping me develop a framework for reviewing alternatives, setting a plan of action, interacting with others, deciding on results measurement and finally by holding me accountable to follow through on actions.

If you are looking for a partner in your journey to transform your Executive Leadership Skills Tina is an excellent choice.

Larry Bilton, CPA, CMA MidStream Oil and Gas Executive

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