My Passions

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“Guide the Soul”

We are these amazing beings and we have everything within us, this abundant mass of energy called love, to heal ourselves. Heartbreak helps us tap into that energy by looking inward and learning how to self-love so that we can open our hearts to the world again. I was called to love this very personal story forward, to make myself vulnerable, to share my mistakes and the shame that came with them and most importantly the LOVE I discovered for myself, the love of the Divine within me that put me on my yellow brick road to happiness.

I’m thrilled to continue this journey with you and I can’t wait to hear your thoughts, meet more amazing humans and create more LOVE energy.


“Grow the Soul”

We rise by lifting others. The Tribal Knowledge Collective is about working together as a collective to maximize prosperity for all. We are a group of purpose driven, passionate and conscious humans, specialists or craftsmen and women in our own right. We share the same philosophy with regards to doing work we care about, with people we care about for betterment of all. We collectively harness our domain knowledge to breathe life into ideas, projects and initiatives we love. Our triple bottom line is People, Planet, Prosperity. Get Involved and learn more here.


“Feed the Soul”

This is where it all comes together. Canadiana Heart is a place that inspires safety, community and love, an artisan centre, musical haven, in nature, with the Divine. The name was inspired by Canadiana style music which is all genres of music, it’s an inclusive word with wholesome meaning. Heart, because it is all about the Heart of the matter. It is where together, we will co-create, collaborate and cultivate our humanity.  What if we could collectively help each other be the best version of ourselves. In the polarised world that we live in today where you are either on the technocratic path or you’re going off the grid, I feel my purpose is to be one of those people that provides a bridge. Remind us what it means to care for one another, to give without the expectation of receiving. To connect human to human. To bridge yesterday with today and tomorrow. Connect old world craftsmanship with tomorrows technology. Be Conscious, be Human. Remember our Humanity.

If you would like to invest in or be a part of this project please contact me directly.