How I Serve

life coaching

Life and Wellness Coaching

I hold the space for you to become the best version of yourself that you can be. You already have everything you need, I just nudge you in the right direction. I help you redesign the best you through creative expression and cathartic release. I use brain science to unhook you from limiting thought patterns and give you the tools to achieve your goals. We’ll look at your overall health too. Emotional, physical and mental it’s all connected. We’ll have a ton of fun in the process. Check me out here too

team coaching

Executive and Team Performance Coaching

High performing teams start with self-aware and present leaders. I help you develop that servant leader mindset and heart and guide your development. You will learn and build your capability around personal accountability, general and self-awareness, setting goals and achieving them, deep empathy and persuasion. You will also learn how to realise the potential in each of your team members and pears and how to build or maintain a high performing team.  We will use assessments and literature, these are useful resources and combined with 2 key attributes that make leaders and teams great, vulnerability and human connection, you will be on the road to success.

innovation coaching

Business and Innovation Coaching

Let’s create the space for you and your team to think through your proposition. These highly immersive innovation workshops develop the innovators mindset and create new habits around effective innovation delivery. They are customised to your transformation needs.  As a Lean Start-up, Design Thinking and Agile practitioner and coach I help you build the innovators mindset, build a healthy relationship with failure and controlled risk and challenge you and your team to grow the proposition and your capability. Coaching will help you embed the learning and hardwire the innovation muscle.

How May I Help?

With a number of exciting plans for 2018, please feel free to reach out to discuss how we might collaborate to make this year inspiring for you.

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