I am overwhelmed by everyones support and very grateful. We certainly do rise by lifting others and I would like to personally give a shout out to the beautiful humans that reached out a hand and lifted me up. It takes a tribe to make an entrepreneur and realize your dreams.

“I am trying to get into your head and it’s frightening”, that was the very talented Chris Enstrom from Dijitle who went where very few dare to go, inside my mind, navigated the impossible and created my digital presence and strategy. Dominic Kingston creative strategist and brand guru who came up with my logo’s and nudged, this high functioning introvert, to embrace ‘me’ as a brand. Max Foley incredibly talented, young creative, published in Time Magazine, who took the photos for www.tinamathas.com and had the arduous task of capturing the raw me. The Censeo Group and Barry Henderson a very special collective of humans. I sat in front of him stuck, asking the ultimate question, “Barry you’ve seen me in action, how do I describe what I do?” He said without pause, “You inspire life, Tina”. In that moment he had inspired mine. James Findlay, Rob Burton, Jason Ault,  Mike Price, Martin Stenning, sometimes you just need a good kick in the arse and these wonderful humans had the courage to do that for me.

Last but by no means least, the beautiful, fantastic, women in my life. When this woman speaks you listenJacqueline Morgan, so when she called me the day I left corporate and said “Ok Honey now you need to slow everything the ‘Fudge’ down”, I listened. The gift of presence is a gift of love for yourself and others. Shalene Yaskowich the trail blazer forging her path and inspiring me to forge mine, another strong woman that inspires. Her constant reminders that I am a badass and deserve to follow my dreams when I was in the entrepreneurial down spiral kept me forging forward. Lacie Wournell and Sonja Kesojevic, my soul sisters who continue to inspire me daily, jump into my crazy ideas and help me bring them to life, share their vulnerability and brilliance as they tackle their own paths to realizing their dreams. Lisa Carter every introvert needs an extroverted, confident, smart wing woman to ease you into those public networking situations with confidence. Kim Smadis for your unwavering belief in me, everyone needs someone to believe in them! My sisters Liza Wicht and Chris Mathas the original pioneers self made women of note, the entrepreneurial gene is strong as is the service mindset and heart in the Mathas women!

I am a huge believer in gratitude, gratitude is the great equalizer for fear and ego and so any opportunity I get to show my gratitude I do. All these wonderful humans are givers, they give of themselves and their time because they have a strong belief in serving the greater good. I am humbled by their generosity and yours. My tribe is strong! THANK YOU!