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I am as real as the wrinkles in these photos. A high functioning introvert, empath, creative and spiritual being.  I flow with the current of love. An everyday human, co-parent of a brilliant, funny, talented, beautiful young soul, two basset hounds named Gloria Marie and LeRoy and a fish named FISH (we lost Fred the crustacean a couple of months ago). My heritage is Greek, I grew-up in South Africa and immigrated to Canada 15 years ago. I speak 3 languages, have 2 degrees and various certifications, a successful 23-year corporate career and had 2 start-ups.


I have lived and worked in many parts of the world. The toughest place I have lived has been in my own skin and the most challenging work I have done has been on myself. The journey inward is not an easy one. Truthfully, I suck at life lessons, Yoda would be disappointed. It took 7-years, two unsuccessful attempts and a lot of heartbreak to finally find my why, my purpose. They aren’t kidding when they say that purpose is an inside job. I love to rip the band aid off, expose the wound and allow the healing to begin with heaps of empathy and compassion. My filter is love and I am unapologetically me.


In my relentless pursuit for self-discovery I have learned that it all starts and ends with me, with self. The greatest gifts are those of self-awareness, self-love and forgiveness of self. Shedding my corporate persona as it no longer fit me and sharing that journey, the fear and the courage it took to walk towards the real authentic me was a massive leap forward in the direction of my dreams. My purpose is to serve, to inspire life and create meaningful human connections. I have been called to love these lessons forward, to continue to relentlessly work on being the best version of myself and to serve others in doing the same.

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